About Jeff

I've never really questioned why I make things, be it art or otherwise. It's not so much a conscious choice but a necessary outlet for my creative energy, and it's a rare challenge that doesn't get the ideas forming.

For me, beauty, whether in nature or from the hand of man, is crucial to our existence. We thrive on harmony. And there's my challenge as an artist; to distill and convey what inspires me clearly and harmoniously.

And that's where the 99% perspiration comes in.

Art, for me, is a natural extension of living. When making, all my creative resources come to bear, putting me in touch with my deeper feelings to interpret, distill, and convey, both visually and tactilely, what cannot be seen or is otherwise taken for granted.

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, I currently live in Homer. I've been a professional sculptor since the early '80s, making artwork in clay, wood, bronze, stone, and steel for individuals, businesses, and public art projects.

Over the last thirty years, I've developed and refined a metal art technique I call heat-colored steel engraving to make single and multi-layer metal wall art by grinding designs into sheet steel. I use carefully chosen abrasives to suggest material, movement, depth, and form. Then color the steel with oxidation colors with heat from a large torch.

This innovative technique produces pieces with dynamic visual effects that change with the light and viewing angle, giving them a range of characteristics impossible to achieve with other media.

My aim with this course is to help you learn in a matter of weeks what has taken me years to discover.

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